I was like Alice dropped into Wonderland. Could he know what a huge solace he was to me, that I was able to meet him whenever I went to that emergency door? He’s like a ‘bonus’ given to me from heaven. I won’t ever forget him. My soulmate Ji-hoo sunbae, thank you.
— Geum Jan Di about Ji Hoo in Episode 25
General Information
S kim hyun joong 5
Season 1




20 (Episode 25), 24 (Future Life)

Romance Status



Student of Shinhwa High (formerly), Student of Shinhwa College (formerly), Member of F4, Student of Shinhwa Medical School



unnamed father (deceased), unnamed mother (deceased), Yoon Seok-young (grandfather, deceased)


Min Seo-hyun (first love, ex-girlfriend) Geum Jan Di (soulmate, kissed, dated, one sided love)


Gu Jun Pyo, So Yi-jeong, Song Woo-bin, Geum Jan Di, Chu Ga-eul (presumably), Gu Jun-hee, Ha Jae-kyung,


Kang Hee-soo (formerly), Jang Yu-mi, Lee Jae-ha/ model Haje

Series Information


Music, Medicine


Shinhwa High School (formerly) Shinhwa High College (formerly) Student of Shinhwa Medical School



First Appearance:

Episode 1

Last appearance:

Episode 25

Portrayed By:

Kim Hyun-joong

Yoon Ji Hoo is one of the main characters in the Boys Over Flower k-drama television series. He is portrayed by Kim Hyun-joong.

Biography Edit

Yoon Ji Hoo is a member of the F4 and the grandson of the former Korean president. He is an only child and lives alone. His musical talent catches Geum Jan-di's attention and she begins to develop feelings for him. He has a driving phobia after being involved in a car accident that killed his parents and left him the only survivor. He is initially in love with Min Seo-hyun, but eventually falls for Geum Jan-di and acts as her protector.

Early LifeEdit

He is the grandson of the former president, Yoon, of Korea. One day, his family got involved in a car accident, according to him it was his fault. Both of his parents died in the accident, which leaves him the sole survivor. Due to this he developed vehophobia, which is the fear of driving. During his parents funeral his grandfather abandoned him, causing JiHoo to feel resentment and anger toward his grandfather. He then became a member of F4 along with Gu Jun Pyo, So Yi Jung, and Song Woo Bin.

Boys Over Flowers Arc Edit

He first appeared in Shinhwa school's garden playing his violin. Geum Jan Di (Gu Hye-sun) was passing by looking from the the pool. After JiHoo notices JanDi looking at him, she asked him for directions and he only responds by pointing. He is next seen with the members of F4, entering the school, beside him is Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho), the leader of F4. He is descirbed as withdrawn and quiet and is usually seen hanging around the F4 boys.

He is known to sleep anywhere so long as it's quite and he can relax. After the incident where JanDi received the F4 red card and had eggs and flour thrown at her she retreated to a stairwell when she begins yelling about her frustrations. Awakened by the noise, JiHoo approaches JanDi and asks if she knows how to make pancakes. She answers him and he seems very intrigued. He then takes out his handkerchief and begins to wipe the dried egg and flour off of her face. He tells her that she might not see him in the stairwell anymore, because it had become too noisy and he needed a quiet place to sleep.


Ji Hoo reminescing about Min Seo-Hyun

He is JanDi's first crush at Shinhwa High school. He was always very nice to her, and rescued her from the tricks played on her by JunPyo, Ginger, Sunny, and, Miranda. 

He was very attached and in-love with Min Seo-hyun. This was evident when he was reminescing on Seo-hyun's photo posted on the street. He was very happy to welcome her at the airport when she returned to Korea. He even followed her to Paris in hopes that they could be together. He confessed to her through a kiss during Seo-hyun's birthday and farewell party. She was his childhood friend, mother-figure, and first love. When he learned about Seo-hyun's engagement, he was very depressed.

Returning from Paris, Ji Hoo got closer to Jan-di being her rescuer every time Jan-di feels down. He was called by the Jan-di as her "fireman." He also pursued Jan-di hinting that he has developed feelings for

Ji Hoo saving Jandi

her. He saved Jan-di from drowning and kissed her during their vacation, together with the rest if the F4 and Cha Ga Eul, which made Gu Jun Pyo angry and cause trouble by expelling Ji Hoo and Jan-di from the school. Through Gu Jun Pyo, there was a competition for the matter.

They had horseback riding as the first game where Jun Pyo won despite it is Ji Hoo's expertise. Next was car racing which despite having trauma, Ji Hoo won the game while using Jan-di as a secret "weapon" to win the game. Last was swimming wherein Ji Hoo and Jan-di won after Gu Jun Pyo's intervention.


Ji Hoo performing live on the streets of Macau

Knowing that Jan-di has Jun Pyo already, Ji Hoo backed off in trying to win Jan-di and supported his friend. He even made video message of Jan-di for Gu Jun Pyo when he was in Macau. He even helped Jun Pyo and other F4 members in thinking of a way to escape Jan-di from Madam Kang, Gu Jun Pyo's mother.

During the time when F3 (minus Jun Pyo) and Jan-di were in Macau, he spent his time with his friends like riding the gondola, playing hide and seek. He, together with So Yi Jung (Kim Bum) and Song Woo Bin (Kim Joon), tried to talk and meet Jun Pyo but instead welcoming them Jun Pyo pushed them away. This caused Ji Hoo to send time with Jan-di to cheer her up after learning what Jun Pyo said.

Ji Hoo again showed his talent when he played the guitar and sang a song as a street performer to earn some money  after losing his wallet. He used the money to but a paper amulet and also bought a new pair shoes for Jan-di.

As Ji Hoo and Jan-di were to fly back to Korea, he was caught by Gu Jun Pyo giving Jan-di shoes. A conforntation happened where Ji Hoo was punched after he said that he is not giving up on Jan-di anymore.

Having all that he was titled as Jan-di's soulmate.

On the other hand, having that he was abandoned by his grandfather, it was difficult for Ji Hoo to reconcile and forgive

Ji Hoo and Grandpa Yoon talking

his grandpa. With the help of Jan-di, Ji Hoo got to know his grandpa better who was now a ordinary doctor despite he was once a president of Korea. But in the end, he learned to love his grandpa again after some series of events where Ji Hoo saw Granpa Yoon almost die.

Throughout the drama, he was seen to be very calm prince and very reserved. He was seen to be a supportive friend to the extent that he also tried to find ways to make Jun Pyo regain memories. He is sometimes playful and sometime a fool which was evident when he tries to do something to help his friends with their love problems.

Future Life Edit


Ji Hoo as a med student

He was to graduate as a doctor in Shinhwa University,where he seen to have good grades and possibly graduate with honors. He might have took over his grandfather's clinic who probably is already deceased. <p style="font-size:13px;line-height:19.5px;">In the special epilogue, his story was only flashbacks of his life with the F4, Geum Jan-di, and other friends. It is unknown if he is still pusued Jan-di or found someone different. Also there were no certain articles about his future unlike his F4 friends.

Personalities and AbilitiesEdit


Ji Hoo is a quiet, calm, caring, intelligent, understanding boy. He is sometime an introvert but has a soft spot for the people loves. Also, he often never shares his problems to his friends. Him being quiet is also due to him living his


Ji Hoo thinking deeply alone

house all alone. Unlike his friends, he does not flirt with women. He is sometimes playful but most of time very reserved. Despite the calm image, he also has the tendencies to get mad and disappointed, but he would rather handle those situations and resolve them where no one will get hurt (being a pacifist). He is also very supportive towards his friends wherein he would even help even if it is trouble.


Ji Hoo is an excellent musician being able to conduct an orchestra. He showed his talent when he played the violin during Seo-hyun's parties, guitar when he was in Macau, and piano when he was in a museum with Jan-di. He's also


Ji Hoo driving in Jeju Island with Jan di

very skilled horseback rider. He also is a good fisher which was shown during the vacation in New Caledonia and during his meet up with his grandfather.

151003279 l

Ji Hoo riding his bike

Being unable to drive a car due to his trauma of the car accident he was in when he was young, he was able to drive a motorcycle. However, he was able to overcome his fears and was able to drive with the help of Geum Jan-di.

Ji Hoo and Yi Jung playing soccer

He seems like he is also a good swimmer. He was able to surpass Woo-bin during the swimming competition between the F4. He is capable in playing different sport activities like basketball, ice hockey and soccer.


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