Song Woo-bin, he’s always reliable and caring, as though he was the eldest in F4. I know now that he understands better than anyone how to comfort a person’s feelings, while standing one step behind.
— Geum Jan Di about Woo-bin in Episode 25
General Information
Song Woo Bin
Season 1




21 (Episode 25), 25 (Future Life)

Romance Status



Student of Shinhwa High (formerly), Student of Shinhwa College (formerly), Member of F4



unnamed father, unnamed mother


Seen as a playboy, he is a usual flirt and shown throughout with many girlfriends or girls, in particular.


Gu Jun Pyo, So Yi-jeong, Yoon Ji Hoo, Geum Jan Di, Chu Ga-eul (presumably), Gu Jun-hee, Ha Jae-kyung,


Kang Hee-soo (formerly), Jang Yu-mi, Lee Jae-ha/ model Haje

Series Information



Shinhwa High School (formerly) Shinhwa High College (formerly)


Pranks, Plan, Combat fighting

First Appearance:

Episode 1

Last appearance:

Episode 25

Portrayed By:

Kim Joon

Song Woo Bin is one of the main characters in the Boys Over Flower k-drama television series. He is portrayed by Kim Joon.

Biography Edit

Woo Bin is known as F4's toughest member. His family runs a large construction company and has important connections to an underground organization, hinted to be the mafias. Later on, they become a good loyal and honest company. Throughout, the series he has been shown to be very concerned about his friends and one of the main reasons that keeps together through all their problems. He is said to have an older brother figure towards his friends. He is seen to be close with So Yi-Jung, since they are both playboys. Though a playboy, in the afterward we see he deeply cares for others. In the future, it is assumed he has taken over his family's business. He is one of the most important members in F4, although his character says little.

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