Jan-di, thanks. Let’s meet again.
— Oh Min Ji to Geum Jan Di in Episode 5
General Information
Oh min ji
Season 1




17 (Episode 5)

Romance Status




unnamed father, unnamed mother


in love with Gu Jun Pyo



Geum Jan Di (ex-friend), Yoon Ji-hoo, So Yi-jeong, Song Woo-bin,

Series Information


Shinhwa High School

First Appearance:

Episode 1

Last appearance:

Episode 5

Portrayed By:

Lee Si-young

 Oh Min Ji was one of the supporting characters in the Boys Over Flower k-drama television series. She is portrayed by Lee Si-young.

Biography Edit

Oh Min Ji was a shy and former student of Shinhwa. She was Geum Jan Di's friend until she deceived Jan Di by drugging her and making it seem as if she slept with another man. Her goal was Gu Jun Pyo, for she loved him ever since she was a child. However, her feelings were clearly not reciprocated. She underwent many surgeries to be accepted by him, but at the end she hadn't succeeded. Oh Min Ji had left Shinwha high school due to the embarrassment when her goals and her childhood pictures were literally shown on a screen presented by Gu Jun Pyo. She is seen to have left a message for Geum Jan Di through a toy stuffed animal sheep they both loved. 

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