My pride wouldn’t allow it.
— Kang Hee Soo to Goo Jun Hee in Episode 24

General Information
Kang Hee Soo
Season 1



Romance Status



President of Shinhwa Group (formerly)



Goo Jun Hee (eldest child, daughter) Goo Jun Pyo (son), unnamed Husband, unnamed Grandmother-in-law


unnamed husband


Geum Jan Di (formerly)

Series Information


Scheming, Planning

First Appearance:

Episode 1

Last appearance:

Episode 25

Portrayed By:

Lee Hye-young

Kang Hee Soo is the main antagonist in the Boys Over Flower k-drama television series. She is portrayed by Lee Hye-young. 

Biography Edit

Kang Hee Soo is the mother of Goo Jun Hee & Goo Jun Pyo. She is also the president of the famous company Shinhwa Group. She is the main antagonist in the series, she disapproves of Geum Jan Di's relationship with her son since she is low-class unlike her. It shown throughout the series that she is manupulative, selfish and immature. She only cares about the image that they present and she never truly gave time to raise her children making them feel isolated and forming Goo Jun Pyo's loneliness. At the end, she seems to have a change of heart and lets the happy couple be.

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