I know this was originally Jan-di’s. But let me have just this one thing. I should have a memory to cherish for myself, shouldn’t I?
— Ha Jae Kyung to herself in Episode 22
General Information
Season 1




20 (Episode 22)

Romance Status



Student of Shinhwa College (formerly), Heiress to JK Empire



unnamed father, unnamed mother


Gu Jun-pyo (ex-fiancé)


Geum Jan Di (best friend), Chu Ga-eul (best friend), Yoon Ji-hoo,

Series Information


Shinhwa High College (formerly)

First Appearance:

Episode 13

Last appearance:

Episode 22

Portrayed By:

Lee Min-jung

 Ha Jae Kyung is one of the supporting characters in the Boys Over Flower k-drama television series. She is portrayed by Lee Min-jung.

Biography Edit

A successful CEO's daughter and ends up being Goo Jun Pyo's fiancée. Although the engagement was arranged by their parents, she develops feelings for him but unfortunately he doesn't feel the same. She has a fun, tomboy and playful personality. She really likes Jan Di and she said that they are going to be sisters (unnie and dongsaeng). She always suggests that her, Jun Pyo, Jan Di, and Ji Hoo go on a date trip at her parents' resort. She did not know that Jun Pyo and Jan Di used to date in the middle of their relationship and because she loves Jan Di as her younger sister, on the wedding day, she said she doesn't want to get marry anymore and that she rejected this wedding. 

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