The Gu Mansion's Front Facade, with Ornate Fountain and Limestone Portico

The Gu Mansion's front facade, with an ornate fountain and limestone triple-arch portico

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The Gu Mansion's ornate living room, with intricate gold leaf and a beige marble fireplace. The armchairs and sofa are all made with gold-plated wood upholstery and a stylish, classy light pink brocade. This room is comparable to the style of Donald Trump's penthouse mansion in New York.

The Gu Mansion is the massive estate of the Gu family, elite billionaires who own and control the globally-famous Shinhwa Group. The estimated size for the mansion is around 40,000 square feet, and as seen throughout the Boys Over Flowers series, it is complete with gold leaf, mahogany and expensive marbles and granites.

The mansion first appears in Episode 2, where Geum Jan Di is kidnapped and brought to the house upon Jun Pyo's request, where she is given a massage in a then-unknown place. As she screams upon realizing she's in treatment, the camera pans through many corridors and a grand lobby, stopping outside to reveal a grand house. Then, it is seen that Jan Di is getting an expensive makeover, with a fancy hairdo and beaded black dress. A butler shows her maids at work inside one of many lounges, and leads her down a hallway where he says someone is waiting for her. She finds herself going down a set of stairs and enters an ornate living room accented with gold. Jun Pyo waits at the window, where Jan Di rants him off and demands him her school uniform. It is then seen that she wanders around the mansion, finding a bathroom bigger than her house, complete with Jacuzzi tub, shower, three sinks, and even a sauna.

Throughout the rest of the series, the Gu Mansion becomes a significant location for events. For example, in Episode 3, Chairwoman Kang Hee Soo hosts a fundraiser for Nambian refugees, where expensive artworks and clothing are auctioned off at high prices. The fundraiser is located in the mansion's grand living room.

In Episode 20, Jan Di becomes a maid in the mansion, under Jun Pyo's grandmother's control. She does everything, from dusting expensive artwork, to organizing priceless wines like Chambertin, to memorizing the menu of pretentious dishes like shrimp carpaccio and white truffle aioli.

Throughout the series, only a few rooms are directly revealed:

  • The foyer/stair hall, accessing most of the revealed rooms on the first floor of the mansion. It seems as if there is a hallway from the home's main entrance to access this area. The room is finished in polished white marbles and a wrought brass staircase with an odd bifurcation.
  • The living room, perhaps the fanciest room in the whole house. The room is embellished with gold and beige marble, with ancient, valuable statues and a marble fireplace. Even the sofas and chairs are gilded with a fashionable pink brocade.
  • The dining room (or breakfast room, depending on whether or not a larger dining room exists, as one is expected in such a house), where the Gu family members enjoy their meals as the maids and butlers watch. Several important announcements are revealed in this room.
  • The study, where Madam Kang/Chairwoman Kang does all her work when she's not at the Shinhwa Corporate Tower.
  • Gu Jun Pyo's room, a darker-themed room the size of a mega mansion's master bedroom, with terraces, a bathroom, and a closet as large as the average bedroom. This is probably the largest bedroom in the house (unless Madam Kang has a room to herself). Jan Di is flooded with memories in this room in Episode 15.
  • Gu Jun Hee's room, a lighter, more floral-themed room the size of a mansion's master bedroom, seemingly slightly smaller than Jun Pyo's room. She has a large picture of herself hanging on the wall.
  • Guest Room #1, a small yet expensive and fancy room where Jan Di stays every time she ends up in the Gu Mansion. It is assumed that the many maids in the house have similar-sized rooms.
  • Guest Room #2, a larger room only seen once. Ha Jae Kyung, Jun Pyo's ex-fiancee, stayed there when she lived with the Gu's.
  • First Floor Bathroom, only seen once. Jan Di remarks that the bathroom is larger than her house (of course, it's larger than 99% of bathrooms).

The filming location for the Gu Mansion is Damyang Dynasty Country Club, chosen because of its exquisite, lavish facade and grounds. However, the interior of the mansion was filmed on a separate set, currently unknown where it is (perhaps a real mansion or just a film set).

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