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I missed you to death. I’m not letting go again.
— Gu Jun Pyo to Geum Jan Di in Episode 25
General Information
Season 1






178 cm


74 kg

Blood Type


Romance Status

Engaged to Geum Jan Di


Student of Shinhwa High (formerly), Student of Shinhwa College (formerly), Member of F4, Head of Shinhwa Group



Goo Jun Hee (Noona - older sister), Kang Hee Soo (mother), Chairman Goo(Father), unnamed Grandmother (paternal)


Geum Jan Di (first love, fiancé), Ha Jae Kyung (ex-fiancé) Jang Yu-mi (ex-hospital couple, one-sided love)


Yoon Ji-hoo, So Yi-jeong, Song Woo-bin, Chu Ga-eul (presumably), Geum Kang-san, Jung Sang-ruk (Chief secretary)


Jang Yu-mi, Lee Min-ha, Lee Jae-ha, Oh Min-ji

Series Information


Business, Astronomy


Shinhwa High School (formerly) Shinhwa High College (formerly)


Business, Astronomy

First Appearance:

Episode 1

Last appearance:

Episode 25

Portrayed By:

Lee Min-ho

Biography Edit

Gu Jun Pyo is the leader of F4 as well as the heir to the Shinhwa Group, one of the most powerful business groups in South Korea. Raised by his older sister and servants as his parents tend to be overwhelmingly busy, he grew up an arrogant and conceited person who believed that there was nothing that could not be done with money. Deep down, however, he has a heart of gold that cannot be easily expressed due to his constant masking his loneliness and his craving for familial attention with pride and conceit.

Jun Pyo's perspective changes when a transfer student to Shinhwa High named Geum Jan Di challenges his beliefs. Jan Di absolutely despises the notorious F4 and all that it stands for. One day Jan Di and her only friend in the school is eating ice cream when her friend trips and drops her ice cream on Jun Pyo's shoe. He is upset that his shoe is ruined and demands that she lick it off her shoe. Jan Di steps in and defends her friend by shoving her ice cream in Jun Pyo's face. From that day onward, Jun Pyo cannot get Jan Di out of his head since she is so unlike the other students in the school.

He realizes that money cannot buy everything from Jan Di and falls in love with her. 


Geum Jan Di Edit


The most important person in his life

Jun Pyo's first encounter with Geum Jan Di occurs after he rejects a girl's offering and shoves cake into her face. As he walks off, he finds Jan Di in his path about to call him out on his actions but she mutters nothing instead. Their second encounter isn't easily demised, when Jan Di's new friend, Min-ji, ice cream falls on his shoe. Defending her friend, Jun Pyo tests Jan Di, by making her lick the ice cream off his shoe. As she bends down, she instead shoves the ice cream into in face, knocks him to the ground, throws money at him for drycleaning and plants a sticker on his forehead. The next day, Jun Pyo gives Jan Di a red card, making her a new target of school, and is bullied and harrased, at his orders. After Jun Pyo spreads a nasty rumor, Jan Di fights back and kicks him in the face and warns him to stop his acts. From this point, he begins to develop strong feelings for her throughout the series. They begin dating but go through many hardships since Madam Kang, Jun Pyo's mother, was trying to break them up. When Jun Pyo, forgets her due to the accident, she is heartbroken and she, with ,the F4 tries to regain his memories. He finally remembers her at the pool party, when she falls into the pool, and he saves her life. They go through their first date in the finale and kiss before he leaves to rebuild the Shinhwa Group. At the end of the series, after 4 years of being abroad, Jun Pyo proposes which she accepts.

Jan Di is known as his first love and first girlfriend. He shows he cares for her very much during the series and considers her as the most important person in his life. Although, they are shown to have a relationship with a lot of breaking up, fights, and getting back together. But in the end, they were always meant to be together.

Ha Jae Kyung Edit

Jun Pyo first meet Ha Jae Kyung at a shoe store in Macau, where they fight over a pair of shoe he is trying to buy for Geum Jan Di. He sees her again at his birthday party, after his mom announced their engagement. Jun Pyo accidentally drags her off, where they fight again and he nicknames her "Monkey." Ha Jae Kyung develops feeling for Jun Pyo very quickly, which he does not return since he still loves Jan Di. At the wedding, Jae Kyung decideds not to marry Jun Pyo, so he can be happy with Jan Di.

Jang Yu-mi Edit

A girl Jun Pyo met in his hospital, when he loses his memory of Jan Di after the accident. She develops feelings for him, and tries to replace herself as Jan Di in his memories. They became a hospital couple and almost travel abroad to America together. During their pool party, after Jun Pyo regains his memory of Jan Di, she leaves and this marks her final appearance.

Friends Edit

Tumblr lj3svyCL1Y1qf71k0

F4- Yoon Ji Hoo Edit

Member of F4, one of Gu Jun Pyo's best friends from childhood. While Geum Jan Di and Jun Pyo is dating, he kisses her which strains their friendship. Later in the series, they become friends again and Ji Hoo support his relationship with Jan Di. During the series, Jun Pyo often visits his house in times of stress and is sometimes jealous of Ji Hoo's moments with Jan Di. Interestingly, though Ji-Hoo's relationship with Jan Di creates a huge strain on their relationship, Jun Pyo risks his life to save Ji Hoo's from a car crash, where he runs into the middle of the street to protect him. He suffers amnesia due to this, and later recovers. He also believed that if it couldn't be him (to end up with Jan Di, it had to be Ji-Hoo



F4- Song Woo BinEdit

Member of F4, one of Gu Jun Pyo's best friends from childhood. He supports Jun Pyo relationship with Jan Di and aids Jun Pyo in some of his schemes.

F4- So Yi-Jung Edit

20130515 theoneshots bof

Member of F4, one of Gu Jun Pyo's best friends from childhood. He supports Jun Pyo relationship with Jan Di and is dating Jan Di best friend, Ga Eul. 


Goo Jun Hee Edit

His Noona (older sister)









Kang Hee SooEdit

Gu Jun-Pyo's mother









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