Why’d you write this, and make it impossible for me to get married?
— Geum Jan Di to Gu Jun Pyo in Episode 25
General Information
Season 1




19 (Episode 25), 23 (Epilogue)


159 cm


42 kg

Blood Type


Romance Status

Engaged to Angel Mari Yumul


Student of Shinhwa High (formerly),

Student of Shinhwa College (formerly),

Student of Shinhwa Medical School



Geum Il-bong (father),

Na Gong-joo (mother),

Geum Kang-san (brother)


Gu Jun-pyo (fiancé),

Yoon Ji-hoo (soulmate, kissed, one date)

Lee Jae-ha/ model Haje (one-sided love, on Jae-Ha side)


Chu Ga-eul (best friend),

Yoon Ji-hoo,

So Yi-jeong,

Song Woo-bin,

Kim Hyun-joo (noona),

Ha Jae-kyung (noona),

Yoon Seok-young (grandfather),

Jung Sang-ruk (Goo Jun Pyo's Chief secretary)


Oh Min-ji (ex-friend),

Choi Jin-hee,

Park Sun-ja,

Lee Mi-sook,

Jang Yu-mi (ex-friend),

Lee Jae-ha/ model Haje (ex-friend)

Series Information


Swimming, Medicine


Shinhwa High School (formerly) Shinhwa High College (formerly) Student of Shinhwa Medical School


Swimming (formerly), Medicine

First Appearance:

Episode 1

Last appearance:

Episode 25

Portrayed By:

Ku Hye-sun

Geum Jan Di is one of the main characters in the Boys Over Flower k-drama television series. She is portrayed by Ku Hye-sun.

Biography Edit

Jan Di belonged to a poor family. She used to attend Shinhwa High School. There she met the F4 known as the Flower 4. Her first encounter with F4 was when her only friend, Min-ji accidentally tripped over and dropped ice cream on Jun Pyo's shoe which caused him to force Min-ji to lick the ice-cream off his shoe, Jan Di then stood up for her friend. Jun Pyo then tested her if she'll instead lick the ice cream off his shoe. Jan Di bent down to his shoe, but instead of licking the ice cream off, she picked up the ice cream cone and smashed it on Jun Pyo's face, knocks him to the ground, throws money at him for drycleaning and plants a sticker on his forehead. The next day, Jun Pyo places a red card in her locker which turns the whole school on her to bully her and also harass her. This caused Jan Di to fight back by kicking Jun Pyo in the face and tells him to stop his horrible behaviour. This caused Jun Pyo to be surprised by her courage and he eventually falls in love with her.

Romances Edit

(true love, fiance)

Jan Di's first opinion about Jun Pyo is sour, since she considers him an ass and crazy bastard. During their first encounter, after he rejects a girl's offering and shoves cake into her face, she tries to tell him off for his actions but she mutters nothing instead. She shows her anger toward their rudeness, when Jan Di's new friend, Min-ji, ice cream falls on his shoe. Defending her friend, Jun Pyo tests Jan Di, by making her lick the ice cream off his shoe. As she bends down, she instead shoves the ice cream into in face, knocks him to the ground, throws money at him for drycleaning and plants a sticker on his forehead. The next day, he gives Jan Di a red card, making her a new target of school, and is bullied and harrased, at his orders. After Jun Pyo spreads a nasty rumor, Jan Di fights back and kicks him in the face and warns him to stop his acts.

Although Jun Pyo falls for Jan Di, she feels more of a connection with Ji Hoo. During Ji Hoo's absence, Jan Di and Jun Pyo grow closer and she realizes she loves Jun Pyo. They begin dating but go through many hardships since Madam Kang, Jun Pyo's mother, was trying to break them up. When Jun Pyo forgets Jan Di due to an accident, she is heartbroken, so the F4 tries to regain his memories. He finally remembers her at the pool party, when she falls into the pool, and he saves her life. They go through their first date in the finale and kiss before he leaves to rebuild the Shinhwa Group. At the end of the series, after 4 years of being abroad, Jun Pyo proposes which she accepts.

Jun Pyo is her first boyfriend. She cares for him very much and always loved him, no matter how much he annoys her.

Yoon Ji Hoo Edit

(love interest, kissed, one date)

The first person Jan Di comes in contact with on her first day at Shin Hwa High is Yoon Ji Hoo. She had a crush on him. Though Ji Hoo only considered her as a friend. That is why Yoon Ji Hoo is considered to be Geum Jan-Di's first love.

Later in the series he is seem to have developed feelings for her. But after learning about Jun pyo and Jan Di's relationship he's seen to give up on her. He saves her from drowning once. In that episode, they also hug, Which makes things complicated. Ji Hoo tells Jan-Di that he is cold and he can't stand it while he holds her close. Then later on, he asks why doesn't she like him and kisses her. He and Jan di are expelled from the school. But throughout a competition they were saved. .But he still does his best to make Jan DI always smile.

Whenever Jan Di had a problem, Ji Hoo was always there to her aid. Jan Di even calls him her personal firefighter. He is in Shin Hwa medical with Jan Di.

Kee Jae-ha/ model Haje Edit

(one sided crush)


Friend Edit

Chu Ga Eul

Goo Jun Hee

Ha Jae Kyung

Yoon Seok Young

Song Woo Bin

So Yi Jung

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