Jandi is regular girl who parents own a dry cleaners. Her father is a responsible parent who frequently puts their family in debt. She usually takes up multiple jobs to help her family out, mainly becoming the bread winner of the family. She has one younger brother who looks up to her being that she is the most responsible out of the family. On occassuon seeming like the parent rather then the child. On day while delivering dry cleaned clothes to Shinhwa High School, she saves a bullied student who was about to jump off the schools roof. From then on she was offered a scholarship to the school. At first she did not want to attend but her parents persuded her to go for she will be able to married someone rich. She spends most of her time at the pool where she is a gifted swimmer and a part of her scholarship she has to swim a certain amount of time. She sticks up for her one and only friend at the schhol from the well known bully GU Jun Pyo, leader of f4. While getting in his bad side she constantly try to make her life hell at the school. Only to find that whatever he does doesn't faze her. The final blow was when Jun Pyo spread a rumor that she was pregnant. Enraged she approached Jun Pyo warning him only to get more angry. While arguing Jandi round kicked him in the face shocking him and the rest of the f4, being no one has ever stood up to them before. From then on Jun Pyo persuded Jandi.

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